The Sermon on the Rock!

The Sermon is taken from Bailey, Chapter One, Verses 1 to 4

  1. "For it is today that I lead my flock unto the warmth of Saul Junction on this our first adventure of the year"
  2. "And I promise all of you that are gathered here this day, that green lanes may be encountered", and it came to pass that he was not wrong...
  3. "If thou covet the warmth of a steaming brew, then thou shalt follow my lead and my closest follower may be dropeth off at my whim"
  4. "And it came to pass that the devil did layeth a blanket of fog on the highest of hills, cast mud on the damp asphalt and left deep potholes that leadeth direct to hell to catch the unbelievers, but the 19 followers were strong in their belief and reached their Holy Grail"
Here endeth, the lesson. Thank you Rev'd Bailey

Some of the followers.....